Massachusetts é o sexto menor estado dos Estados Unidos pero, a pesar do seu pequeno tamaño, é o décimo terceiro en poboación. [382] Massachusetts has the most doctors per 100,000 residents,[383] the second-lowest infant mortality rate,[384] and the lowest percentage of uninsured residents (children as well as the total population). Überblick: Karte: Satellit: Routenplaner: Überblick: Karte: Satellit: Routenplaner : Bemerkenswerte Orte in der Nähe. A great majority of interstates in Massachusetts were constructed during the mid-20th century, and at times were controversial, particularly the intent to route I-95 northeastwards from Providence, Rhode Island, directly through central Boston, first proposed in 1948. In Boston alone, costs of climate change-related storms will result in 5 to 100 billion dollars in damage. L'État est en partie intégré au BosWash, une mégalopole s'étendant sur plusieurs États du Nord-Est des États-Unis entre Boston et Washington. Selon des estimations de 2012 effectuées par le Pew Hispanic Center, l'État comptait 150 000 immigrés illégaux, soit 2,3 % de la population[22]. Cornell Pond Lower Dam von Mapcarta, die freie Karte. Am 02.11. Il domine les deux chambres de la législature de l'État. La majorité de la population habite sur la côte autour de Boston et des villes industrielles. [67], Massachusetts is home to 121 institutions of higher education. [167] Once installed, arrays are eligible for net metering. Boston Sehenswürdigkeiten . Due to its location near the Atlantic, Massachusetts is vulnerable to nor'easters, hurricanes and tropical storms. The Kennedy family was prominent in Massachusetts politics in the 20th century. The capital of Massachusetts is Boston, which is also the most populous city in New England. [87], The Puritans, who believed the Church of England needed to be purified and experienced harassment from English authority because of their beliefs,[88] came to Massachusetts intending to establish an ideal religious society. Peabody City Hall liegt 1¼ Meilen nordöstlich von Cedar Grove Cemetery. Freshwater fish species in Massachusetts include bass, carp, catfish, and trout, while saltwater species such as Atlantic cod, haddock, and American lobster populate offshore waters. Mit einer Ferienwohnung Massachusetts oder einem Ferienhaus Massachusetts sollte das allerdings kein Problem sein! Archétype du progressisme, le Massachusetts est le bastion de la famille Kennedy et du Parti démocrate. [95], Currency was another issue in the colonies. La population était composée de 21,67 % de personnes de moins de 18 ans, 10,35 % de personnes entre 18 et 24 ans, 26,46 % de personnes entre 25 et 44 ans, 27,73 % de personnes entre 45 et 64 ans et 13,79 % de personnes de 65 ans et plus. Au début de l'année 2008, sur une population d'environ 600 000 personnes qui n'avaient pas d'assurance maladie, environ 340 000 sont désormais couverts[41]. Massachusetts has avoided many forms of racial strife seen elsewhere in the US, but examples such as the successful electoral showings of the nativist (mainly anti-Catholic) Know Nothings in the 1850s,[199] the controversial Sacco and Vanzetti executions in the 1920s,[200] and Boston's opposition to desegregation busing in the 1970s[201] show that the ethnic history of Massachusetts was not completely harmonious. Salem Harbor von Mapcarta, die freie Karte. Due to COVID-19, Mass Save is currently conducting assessments remotely. L'État du Massachusetts compte 351 municipalités[10], dont 25 de plus de 50 000 habitants. [136] George H. W. Bush, 41st President of the United States (1989–1993) was born in Milton in 1924. [177], As of 2014, in terms of race and ethnicity, Massachusetts was 83.2% White (73.7% Non-Hispanic White), 8.8% Black or African American, 0.5% Native American and Alaska Native, 6.3% Asian American, <0.1% Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, 2.1% from some other race, and 3.1% from two or more races. Ils représentent le plus grand nombre de Franco-Américains en Nouvelle-Angleterre. [120] Members of the transcendentalist movement emphasized the importance of the natural world and emotion to humanity. Hotels In Boston Massachusetts. Cornell Pond Lower Dam ist liegt in Hixville. Par le référendum du 4 novembre 2008, le Massachusetts dépénalise la marijuana[42]. Forma part de la region coneguda coma la Nòva Anglatèrra (New England). Confronta al nòrd los estats de New Hampshire e Vermont, a l'èst l'ocean Atlantic, al sud los estats de Connecticut e Rhode Island, e a l'oèst l'estat de Nòva York. Europa Fernreise Deutschland Städtereise Reisewetter . Das liegt nicht zuletzt an Orlando, wo sich rund 50 Themen- und Erlebnisparks um die Gunst und das Geld der Besucher bemühen. [251], As of January 1, 2019, Massachusetts has a flat-rate personal income tax of 5.05%,[252][failed verification] after a 2002 voter referendum to eventually lower the rate to 5.0%[253] as amended by the legislature. Küche Nachtleben Sicherheit Klima . [246] Massachusetts is the second-largest cranberry-producing state in the union after Wisconsin.[247]. Where Massachusetts really departs from Alabama is in her secondary battery; indeed, Massachusetts is unique among American battleships with the power of her secondaries. Both Senators and all nine Representatives are Democrats; only one Republican (former Senator Scott Brown) has been elected to either house of Congress from Massachusetts since 1994. ", "John Fraylor. [256] An unusual provision allows filers to voluntarily pay at the pre-referendum 5.85% income tax rate, which is done by between one and two thousand taxpayers per year. [349], Massachusetts is also an important center for the performing arts. Det højeste punkt i delstaten er Mount Greylock (1.063 m). Before the American Civil War, Massachusetts was a center for the abolitionist, temperance,[55] and transcendentalist[56] movements. Die Schule wurde im 17. [127] The 1969 closure of the Springfield Armory, in particular, spurred an exodus of high-paying jobs from Western Massachusetts, which suffered greatly as it de-industrialized during the last 40 years of the 20th century. Sherborn shares its highly ranked public school system with the town of Dover.In addition to Dover, Sherborn is bordered by the towns of Natick, Framingham, Ashland, Millis, Holliston, and Medfield Boston is the capital and largest city of Massachusetts. [333], Massachusetts, along with the five other New England states, features the local governmental structure known as the New England town. [162] This is almost twice as much as the average for the contiguous United States. L'État abrite la 7e communauté juive des États-Unis. [168] Certain municipalities will offer up to $1.20 per watt, up to 50 percent of the system’s cost on PV arrays 25 kW or less. Le Massachusetts correspond alors à l'archétype de l'État à parti unique sous contrôle démocrate comme l'avaient été autrefois les États du sud. [176], As of 2015, Massachusetts was estimated to be the third-most densely populated U.S. state, with 871.0 people per square mile,[177] behind New Jersey and Rhode Island. En effet, actuellement les deux Sénateurs du Massachusetts sont Elizabeth Warren et Edward Markey. Selon le North American Jewish Data Bank, l'État comptait 277 980 Juifs en 2013 (267 440 en 1971), soit 4,2 % de la population de l'État et 4,1 % de la population juive américaine. [309], The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (a chief justice and six associates) are appointed by the governor and confirmed by the executive council, as are all other judges in the state. Ils constituaient une part significative de la population dans les comtés du Grand Boston tels que les comtés de Norfolk (9,5 %), Middlesex (7,6 %), Suffolk (3,7 %) et Essex (3,0 %) ainsi que dans les comtés de Nantucket (4,9 %) et Berkshire (3,3 %). [97] Protests against British attempts to tax the colonies after the French and Indian War ended in 1763 led to the Boston Massacre in 1770, and the 1773 Boston Tea Party escalated tensions. Die Massachusetts Route 1A ist eine in Nord-Süd-Richtung verlaufende State Route im Bundesstaat Massachusetts der Vereinigten Staaten.Sie ist als alternative Strecke zum U.S. Highway 1 ausgelegt und in ihrem Verlauf teilweise mit diesem identisch, weshalb die Route 1A zweifach unterbrochen und nicht kontinuierlich ausgewiesen ist. [336] Other cities with a population over 100,000 include Worcester, Springfield, Lowell, and Cambridge. Demographically, the center of population of Massachusetts is located in the town of Natick. Hispanics and Latinos of any race made up 11.2% of the population. Boston may get most of the attention in this New England state, but Massachusetts holds many other livable communities. [402] Massachusetts is also the home of the Cape Cod Baseball League. [306] The current governor is Charlie Baker,[307] a Republican from Swampscott. Today, Christians make up 57% of the state's population, with Protestants making up 21% of them. [188] During the early and mid-19th century, immigrant groups began arriving in Massachusetts in large numbers; first from Ireland in the 1840s;[189] today the Irish and part-Irish are the largest ancestry group in the state at nearly 25% of the total population. Massachusetts is the fastest-growing state in New England and the 25th fastest-growing state in the United States. Sur, préparez votre voyage aux États-Unis - Massachusetts en découvrant les meilleures photos des membres routard. His younger brother Edward M. Kennedy held that seat until his death from a brain tumor in 2009. The word Massachusetts comes from Native American language. Das Hotel liegt nicht weit vom Hafen, wo ein nachgebauter Dreimaster an die Ära der Seefahrt erinnert. Bitte stimmen Sie der Verwendung der "Notwendigen Cookies" zu um die Karte anzuzeigen. Les Irlandais en particulier ont eu un grand impact sur la culture de l’État et la ville de Boston ; Boston accueille un des plus célèbres défilés de la Saint-Patrick du monde (un festival irlandais traditionnel tenu le 17 mars) ; et l’équipe régionale de basket-ball est connue comme les « Celtics ». [354], Other performing arts and theater organizations in Massachusetts include the Boston Ballet, the Boston Lyric Opera,[350] and the Lenox-based Shakespeare & Company. It is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the east and southeast, Rhode Island and Connecticut on the south, and New York on the west. In terms of age, 79.2% were over 18 and 14.8% were over 65. [196] Massachusetts is home to a small community of Greek Americans as well, which according to the American Community Survey there are 83,701 of them scattered along the state (1.2% of the total state population). [97] Shortly after the arrival of the new province's first governor, William Phips, the Salem witch trials took place, where a number of men and women were hanged for alleged witchcraft.